Saturday, September 5, 2015

restore IMEI part 2

Another method how to fix your lost IMEI.

You will need to backup of your nvram from your phone. How to do it check my first blog post - Method 1.

  1. download this file: and unzip it on your computer,
  2.  run the SP Flash tool, and than press the ctrl+alt+v keys on keyboard to get advanced mode
  3. select scatter.txt from imei folder
  4. click on "Window" and then on "Write memory
  5. copy your backed up of IMEI file nvram.bin, previously created with MtkDroidTools and rename it to nvram.emmc.bin - don't change the file extension *.bin
  6. then 

this is collected and rewrited guide from different sources on internet. thanks to xdaforum users, also thanks to user with nick smokerman.

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